Guide introduction: Zoe

Zoe is a tour guide and executive assistant for The Kölsch Crew. Here she introduces herself and reveals a few of her insider tips for your stay in Cologne.

Where are you from?

I lived in Pulheim for the first 20 years of my life, with Cologne right under my nose. I have always liked to claim that I come from Cologne, even if that was not true. However, on 01.01.2022 I finally moved to the most beautiful city in the world.

How did you come to do beer tours in Cologne?

The day I met Michael, I drank beer for the first time that I liked: Kölsch. A couple of Kölsch later, our group was standing outside, blocking the way to two bar tables. Michael came up to us and politely asked us to clear the way to the tables so he and his tour could stand there. I stood in front of him with my Kölsch in my hand and asked, “Who said that?”. He replied,” How much can you take?”, I held my Kölsch under his nose and replied,” This is not my first Kölsch.” After this brief conversation, I let him through and chatted with him and his tour. Shortly after, he asked me the question that changed my life, “Do you want to get paid for drinking beer?” and now I’ve been a beer tour guide since the spring of 2019.

Why do you like guiding people through Cologne beer halls so much?

Apart from the fact that I am very interested and fascinated by the stories of the breweries, I love to meet new people. On every tour you meet new people from all over the world, different cultures meet, you get to know each other and you see how new friendships develop. Each tour is unique and you always have a good time.

What makes Cologne special for you?

The people. Cologne people are very open-minded towards new people, they like to talk and don’t judge you. “Every weirdo is different” and that’s the motto we live by here in Cologne.

Where should you definitely have eaten in Cologne?

Of course, every brewpub I go to with my guests has good food. But if you don’t want German traditional food, I recommend:

  • Freddie Schilling (Burger)
  • Mangal (Döner)
  • Casita Mexicana (Mexican)

What is a must-see in Cologne (besides the cathedral)?

The street art in Cologne is beautiful and the Poller Wiesen are perfect for a walk along the Rhine. But above all, you have to have experienced Cologne.

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