New: handcart tour

Do you fancy a really fun tour for your bachelor party, club outing or whatever and don’t want to have to be quiet in breweries or crowd into cramped pubs? Then our new handcart tour is just the thing for you!

What awaits you?

We will meet you at the agreed meeting point (e.g. in front of a supermarket or kiosk) with our handcart and you can fill it with drinks. Afterwards, we will take you on a tour of the city and have prepared some games where you can compete in teams. The losing team of each game must of course drink a penalty schnapps and pull the handcart until the next game!

When the supplies on the handcart are running low, one team has emerged as the true champions and we have arrived at the agreed destination, we will release you into the rest of the evening and we will relieve you of having to return the handcart or dispose of any garbage!

Frequently asked questions

How long and how far does the tour go?

We are flexible and happy to adapt to you! Simply select the desired duration when booking. We recommend a distance of approx. 1.5 km per hour so that it doesn’t get too stressful. We can arrange the start and end point. We recommend that there are as many green spaces and as few roads as possible along the way. We can also discuss the route individually.

Are drinks included?

No, as we do not have a bar license, we unfortunately cannot include drinks. We therefore recommend starting at a supermarket or kiosk so that you can buy drinks there and fill your handcart to your liking. Of course, this is also much cheaper than in the restaurant! If you want to drink schnapps, we recommend that you buy normal bottles rather than knockers. Don’t worry, we’ve got pints for you 👍

What group size do you recommend?

As we are out and about, the group can be a little larger. Nevertheless, we recommend no more than 30 people per group, as otherwise the games can drag on considerably longer.

Are we allowed to play music on the road?

In any case! In residential areas in particular, however, we also have to pay attention to our neighbors. You are welcome to bring your own Bluetooth box or book ours. You can play your own music or let us do it for you.

Can we bring in our own games?

In any case! It is best to discuss this with us in advance so that we can plan for it. Otherwise, of course, we have also prepared games and brought the material for them.

Does the tour take place in all weathers?

As long as the world doesn’t end in any case! Our handcart is also covered and therefore rainproof. If the weather is too bad for you, please let us know at least three hours in advance and we will take you on a pub or brewery tour instead.

What else do we need to consider?

We love our city and that’s why we keep it clean, so please don’t leave any garbage lying around. We have garbage bags for you and will of course take care of the disposal afterwards. And of course we are not alone in the city. Therefore, please behave in such a way that nobody else feels disturbed. Otherwise, we have prepared everything for you and look forward to spending a few really fun hours with you!

How can we book the tour?

Simply choose your date using the calendar below and then book online: