Guide introduction: Rebecca

Rebecca is a tour guide with The Kölsch Crew. Here she introduces herself and reveals a few of her insider tips for your stay in Cologne.

Where are you from?

I was born in Bergisch Gladbach in the beautiful Rheinisch-Bergisch district, but I live in the old town of Cologne since December 2020.

How did you come to do beer tours in Cologne?

I was looking for a flexible and varied part-time job – and wanted to do something without children for a change in addition to my job as an educator. Through my internet research I came across The Kölsch Crew, which appealed to me directly. So one thing led to another.

Why do you like guiding people through Cologne beer halls so much?

I am inspired by the encounters with different people from all over the world. People exchange ideas, get to know each other and have interesting conversations. At the same time, I can share my enthusiasm for Cologne, Carnival and Kölsch, which is incredibly fun!

What makes Cologne special for you?

Definitely the people of Cologne! The positive, helpful, open and cordial nature simply makes Cologne. In addition, the people here are relaxed and humorous and often have a saying or joke on their lips, which I like very much as a quick-witted person. And what makes communication easy and relaxed: everyone is on a first-name basis.

Where can people meet you for a private Kölsch?

It all depends on the occasion and the season. If I want to drink a cozy Kölsch, I can be found at Malzmühle or Peters in the old town. Is me more after original pub, I like the Ubierschenke and the Lotta in the Südstadt. If I’m looking for a student crowd, I prefer the Stiefel on Zülpicher Straße or the Grünfeld in the Belgian Quarter. If it’s warm and sunny, I enjoy an outdoor beer on the banks of the Rhine or on the university lawns.

What should you have eaten in Cologne?

Halver Hahn or fried potatoes with fried egg go for me as a veggie in any beer hall! I also recommend the Rievkoochebud en d’r Salzgass in the old town for potato pancaked. Recommended international restaurants besides the Cologne cuisine are Maison Sen (Vietnamese), Meister Gerhard (tapas), Nonna Napoli (Italian), Buddha’s eye (Nepalese/Tibetan) or Fasika (Ethiopian).

What is a must-see in Cologne (besides the cathedral)?

I recommend exploring and experiencing Cologne primarily on foot and away from the tourist spots. My tips:

  • Walk over the Hohenzollern Bridge onto the ‘Schäl Sick’ and enjoy the view of Cologne’s Old Town from the Deutzer or Poller banks of the Rhine.
  • take a walk through Cologne’s Südstadt with its many alternative stores and cafés
  • Stroll through the Rhine Park to the Rhine cable car and enjoy a gondola ride over the Rhine
  • take a walk through the Cologne Flora and discover (especially in summer) the diversity of plants
  • And above all: experience the Cologne Carnival!