Guide introduction: Mel

Mel is a tour guide with The Kölsch Crew. Why she does it and what she loves about Cologne, she tells you here:

Where are you from?

Born in Cologne with Irish roots (Kölsch blood and Irish heart)

How did you get into doing brewpub tours?

Ask the boss: One day after a “Loss mer Singe” event, I lent Michael my voice for a tour because he had sung his away.

Why do you like guiding people through Cologne beer halls so much?

I simply enjoy giving people a good time in a wonderful city while introducing them to our unique culture. The Cologne attitude to life is unique.

What makes Cologne special for you?

The cologne feeling, the attitude towards life, the cologne songs and of course Kölsch!

Oh yes, I forgot about the carnival, the Cologne Cathedral and the Rhine…

Where can people meet you for a private Kölsch?

I love to enjoy bottled Kölsch on the road.

What should you have eaten in Cologne?

Phew… Cologne cuisine is hearty and delicious. Mettbrötchen and Rievkooche (potato pancakes) are something special! Oh yes, and the Rhenish Sauerbraten (if possible from the horse)

What else should you have seen besides Cologne Cathedral?

The Cologne beer halls, of course! But even apart from that, Cologne has a lot to offer! I think my tip would be individual according to the interests of my counterpart. However, the KölnTriangle and the Chocolate Museum are always great ideas.

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