Guide introduction: Felix

Felix is tour guide and Klüngel Man at The Kölsch Crew. Here he introduces himself and reveals a few of his insider tips for your stay in Cologne.

Where are you from?

Born in Cologne and also grew up here.

How did you get into doing brewpub tours?

After many years in the gastro, Michael approached me about doing Kölschtours. Was a very good idea 😊

Why do you like guiding people through Cologne beer halls so much?

My work at The Kölsch Crew allows me to combine my interest in foreign languages, history, beer, and my home city of Cologne, while meeting people from all over the world and introducing them to the quirks of our city.

What makes Cologne special for you?

Although Cologne leaves a lot to be desired in many places, there is a very special atmosphere here that conveys a mixture of warmth, humor, local patriotism and a touch of self-irony that is unique in the world. Oh yes, and of course the FC, cathedral, carnival and Kölsch all play their part in making Cologne special.

Where can people meet you for a private Kölsch?

Lommi, Heller’s Volksgarten and sometimes at the Schocken.

What should you have eaten in Cologne?

In any case, Mett and Halven Hahn. Who likes it, also heaven and Ääd. And in months with R fresh cutter mussels Rhenish style.

What else should you have seen besides Cologne Cathedral?

The view from the Schäl Sick, the Veedel Südstadt, Ehrenfeld and Nippes, a long walk along the Rhine, the Roman-Germanic Museum (when it is finished), a home game of the FC and once in a lifetime Carnival in Cologne. And the breweries, of course.