Let the best take care of you!

Whether you want a slow and cultural start to drinking or start off with a party tour, our tours are the perfect fit!

Our entertaining guides will take care of you and especially the lucky(?) one getting married!

The perfect tour for you is our Private Old Town Brewhouse Tour or the Private Latin Quarter Brewhouse Tour, as both bring you to lively areas, where night life is big!

Depending on your wishes, your guide will do more of a party and drinking tour or a fun, cultural tour with a lot of knowledge and anecdotes about the local beer specialty Kölsch, the city and the local mindset, which might be suprisingly un-German.

Good to know

We are excited to make your day a blast, but still there are some things you should consider:

If you are looking for a party tour, we recommend you to book a tour from 5pm or later, because that's when most lively pubs open. Traditional brewhouses are open from noon

Most traditional brewhouses do not allow costumes or group t-shirts. No worries: We got alternative, fun places to bring you to!

Traditional brewhouses do not appreciate noise, so please respect that. Again, no worries: We have other places, we can bring you to 😉

Please know your alcohol limits and be respectful to everyone around, so that it's more fun for everyone involved!